You Never Know when You Will Need a Good Attorney

I never thought I would be single again. When I married my husband, I promised to keep my wedding vows when I agree to marry him on my wedding day in front of the minister of my church. But I found myself looking at a Raleigh divorce site online, and knew that I needed to call for help.

The guy I married seemed like the person of my dreams. That is how he presented himself to me anyway. There were men that I said “no” to in the past when they asked for my hand in marriage because our relationship did not feel like marriage material. There were other men, who I walked away from very early on, long before ever getting to the point of a proposal. I was being careful because of what I had seen so many other friends and family members go through. But I guess I was not careful enough.

I ended up getting married for the first time to my ex-husband after an engagement that lasted one year. Twelve months seemed like a respectable time to really get to know someone, but he hid his true personality from me very well. I tried to ignore it at first, and that was my mistake.

My ex did not tell me that he had a mental illness that he was taking medication for. I loved him very much, and would have married him if he had been up front about it and told me that he was taking his prescription medication with regularity. He did for a very long time, but right before we got married, something changed. He grew angry and said things that scared me. I thought he was simply stressed because of his job that keeps him very busy and our upcoming wedding, so I tried to overlook it. But I soon learned that he stopped taking his medication, refused to begin taking it again and things went downhill. This is when the help of a good attorney became necessary for my safety.

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